AdSense Program & Policies

Welcome to JTWHATSAPP AdSense Program & Policies page. This page gives you the overview of adsense program and policies you should have to follow.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Quality Content: All content published on JTWHATSAPP is totally unique and original thus the files are not our property.
  2. Copyrighted Material: There is no copyright material on our website.
  3. User Experience: There is totally unique content on our website. User can easily read our content and our website is totally user friendly.

Ad Placement and Behavior:

  1. Ad Placement: we are totally using adsense ads. The ads on our website are responsive and never disturb the users.
  2. Ad Density: we are using ads with the behalf of our content on policies of google.
  3. Prohibited Techniques: We Do not use techniques that encourage users to click on ads, such as clickbait, deceptive imagery, or misleading labeling.

Invalid Clicks and Impressions:

  1. Click Fraud: We Do not engage in any activity that artificially generates clicks or impressions on ads. This includes incentivizing clicks, using click bots, or clicking on your own ads.
  2. Monitoring Traffic: We Regularly monitor our website’s traffic sources and user engagement to detect and address any suspicious activity.

Account Integrity:

  1. Single Account: We have only single adsense account which I am using on this website as a publisher.
  2. Account Sharing: We are not sharing anything of our adsnese with someone else.

Communication Guidelines:

  1. Privacy Policy: We Clearly display a privacy policy on our website that explains how we collect, use, and protect user data.
  2. Transparency: We Inform users that our site uses AdSense to display ads and explain how their data may be used for personalized ad targeting.

By participating in the AdSense program on JTHWATSAPP, we acknowledge and agree to these policies. These guidelines are subject to change, and it’s your responsibility to stay updated with the latest AdSense policies.

If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, please contact our support team at [email protected].